Instruction for Magento Forum


To install that module, download zipped extension and install it using Magento Connect on the admin panel, or you can use repository from github and copy files manualy. 1) To download latest version of "W3Site_Forum" follow this LINK 2) To clone code from git repository, use command at the directory where you want to clone:

git clone .

Most people installs modules for Magento using Magento Connect, otherwise GIT repository is for developers.


At the main menu of the admin panel you can see menu item "Forum", where you can manage your forums, subjects and messages.

Main and SEO configuration

Proceed to the admin panel > System > Configuration > Forum > Configurations

Here you can configure SEO url and title for your list page of forums


To create forum, open your admin panel and follow actions bellow:

  • Forum > Forums > Click "Add" button.
  • Fill fields "Title" and "Description" and click "Save"

To modify already created forums, proceed to:

  • Forum > Forums, Here you can see list of already created forums, select one you need to modify.
  • Change fields "Title" or "Description" and click "Save"



List with created forums is avaliable at link at the your site So you can use this link at the your site where you need.


With authorised used, proceed to created forum, fill fields "Title" and "Description" at form "Create your subject", than click "Add Subject". Your subject will be created (pay attention to URL, URL will respond to titel).