W3Site.org is a crew of experienced web developers and web design specialists, with over 7 years experience. We offer you the best solutions for your business in web marketing area.

The main activities of our team are based on the Magento solutions.

Magento is a powerful and wonderful solution, also that is a complex solution, which demands experienced front-end and back-end developers. We've been working with Magento over 7 years and we know how to implement it to your business the best way. Working with us, you will have stable, secure and optimized web-store with all functions, which allow you to increse your sales.

Our services based on Magento and other solutions

  • Web design
  • Front-end development, which includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript developing
  • Back-end development, it's a module and script developing using archetypal model Linux, Apache (or Nginx), MySQL and PHP (LAMP or LNMP).

Our contacts:

Phone: +380988755733